ALI Management Team

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer:
  • Karen G. Pomeroy, MT (ASCP)

Karen was hired at Eastern Maine Medical Center in 1975 as a bench technologist with an MLT Associate Degree. During her time at EMMC she obtained her BA degree and in 1980 she took a position with Ventrex Reference Lab. Karen moved back to the area in 1981 and returned to EMMC where she became one of the technologists involved with the start of the newly-formed ALI in February 1983. Karen has held many roles within ALI; Chemistry Supervisor, Lab Manager, and was promoted to her current position of VP/COO in 1998.

Karen is responsible for the oversight of operations for Affiliated Laboratory, Inc. (ALI); an independent lab that serves EMHS hospitals and outreach customers. She serves as chair of the EMHS Lab Committee for Quality Value Analysis. Karen ensures that our services are delivered in a high-quality, efficient, and customer-oriented manner.

Contact Information:
  • Phone: (207) 973-6905
  • Email:

Karen's Management Team:
  • Business Operations Manager: Chris Rabideau, MBA, MLS (ASCP)CM
    • Phone: (207) 973-6949
    • Email:
  • Clinical Operations Manager: Kevan Clements, MS, MT (ASCP)
    • Phone: (207) 973-6962
    • Email:
  • Phlebotomy Manager: Myrle Stevens, MLT (ASCP)
    • Phone: (207) 973-7627
    • Email:
  • Quality Manager: Liz Stephens, MT (ASCP)
    • Phone: (207) 973-7604
    • Email:
  • Transfusion Medicine Manager: Tara Rabideau, MLS (ASCP)CM SBBCM
    • Phone: (207) 973-6875
    • Email: